2021 Dues are $75.00 / family!​

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Most repairs and maintenance (Grass cutting, beach cleanup, party setup/cleanup, etc) are done by the volunteer Trustees.   We at times need to bring in outside help for specialized or larger jobs (e.g. Dock improvements, Waterfall Pump). Our goal is to provide a fun, safe environment for our families.   We typically do not carry a large amount of funds for the beach year over year.  Each year we evaluate the needs of the Beach and the funds that are collected.  Any member is welcome to attend a trustee meeting to get a better understanding of how we handle our finances. Feel free to ask a trustee for the next meeting date/time.


*Above YTD is as of August 20, 2020. 

*Other expenses include donations and event expenses incurred prior to COVID restrictions.

*Party expenses are usually above the fees we charge and raising fees reduces participation (as does reduced party amenities).

*See Home Page for a list of upgrades and maintenance.

Lake Mohawk, NJ

2021 Membership Fees

 Payments are accepted through PayPal (processing fees may apply) or by check payable (preferred) to 

Alpine Beach

Mail to: PO Box 451, Sparta, NJ 07871

Beach Bank Balance 01/01/2020:          $5,268.33
YTD Income
            Membership:                              $5,041.75
            Private Parties:                          $   100.00
YTD Expenses
            Appreciation Reception:            $ 1,902.40
            Improvement Costs:                  $    845.45
            Operating Costs:                       $    373.54
            Other Expenses:                       $    363.81
*$4,000.00 earmarked for new slide for 2021 Season

PLEASE NOTE: Lake Mohawk Country Club will no longer be accepting payment for Alpine Beach Memberships.

To be eligible for membership you must live or own a lot within the Alpine Section of Lake Mohawk as defined by the By-laws found on the history page.  Any questions please email alpinebeachtrustee@gmail.com

Your membership dues are used for general maintenance and repairs to the beach.   Every year we are forced to choose what items are most in need of repair and put money towards them. The trustees are volunteers and do not get paid.  

See below for an example of our yearly income and expenses.