Lake Mohawk, NJ

The Alpine Section at Lake Mohawk

The Alpine Section (for purposes of Alpine Beach membership) starts at 78 Alpine Trail. If you live on Alpine Trail and your house number is number 78 or higher, the Alpine Association by-laws provide that you may join the Alpine Beach. Conversely, if you live on Alpine Trail and your house number is number 76 or lower, the by-laws do not permit you to join Alpine Beach. Interestingly,  the home or homes on the right side of Alpine Terrace (as you turn off of Alpine Trail) are also included in the area eligible to join Alpine Beach. This is so because when the Alpine section was first envisioned by the Crane Company, the eligible properties were identified by tax lot and block number and the lots on the right side of Alpine Terrace are in the same tax block as the lots on the east side (odd number street addresses) of Alpine Trail. Like all organizations, the Alpine Association is governed by a set of rules and regulations set down by our founders. These by-laws specify who can join the Association, how the Association shall be governed and how

officers and trustees are to be selected. When the Alpine Association was first formed, the by-laws included tax map references to the lots that were to comprise the 'Alpine Section'.  The Alpine Section (for Alpine Beach purposes) begins with the first lots on Alpine Trail in Blocks 54 and Block 52 Lot 17.01. In plain English, that means 85 Alpine Trail and 78 Alpine Trail are the first addresses eligible for membership. As noted above, the several lots on the right hand side of Alpine Terrace as you turn off of Alpine Trail are also in an eligible block and are eligible for membership. All lots continuing into Alpine from that point are eligible, including all lots on Valley View Trail and all side streets off of Alpine Trail, Summit Trail and Summit Road. If you would like to review the current Alpine Association By-laws click here.